Water Filters Distributions are coming…!

Thanks to the funding we have received from several Rotary Clubs in the the US, including East Anchorage Alaska, Vancouver Washington, West Chester/Liberty Ohio, Oxford Ohio, Miamisburg Ohio and Mason/Deerfield Ohio, we have a few large water filter distributions planned for January and February 2017 in the rural areas surrounding Puerta Vallarta Mexico
Our distributions will take us to several communities in the Cabo Corrientes area as well as to the agricultural areas of the Ameca River in Nayarit.  Outside of purchasing bottled water, few of these communities have  access to potable water and all have a need for safe, clean water in their homes.
The rural population of Mexico is upwards of 26 million people.  Statistics indicate that approximately 8 million of these people lack improved (potable) water or piped water to their homes.  Little by little our water filter distribution programs are reaching the people but the need is huge
Please visit our website http://life-resources.org/ if you wish to donate money to buy a filter.  One filter provides up to 10 years or 10 million gallons of safe, clean water and can save a family of 6 an enormous amount of money by not having to purchase bottled water.