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The Yelapa Animal Project

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Any donations that we receive go directly to food and medical care for the animals and maintain our new little jungle clinic space where we hold our free/by donation spay and neuter clinics every 6-8 weeks.

About project

This animal project was started by a couple of women that live permanently in Yelapa, Mexico (a remote small seaside village that is 45 minutes by boat from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.) It grew out of their deep compassion, respect and love for animals. Yelapa has an estimated native population of 715 people and probably upwards of 2-3 times that number of domesticated animals plus a jungle full of wild ones and no local veterinarian (and sadly even if there were a veterinarian many local people couldn’t afford to pay one anyway.) This leaves a huge need and space to fill for the animals of Yelapa.


The Yelapa Animal Project strives to help any animal, domesticated or wild, in Yelapa that may be sick, unwanted/homeless, neglected or abused. We have created an animal sanctuary in Yelapa that houses our rescued animals and works to release them when wild, to find them new forever homes when domestic and adoptable or give them refuge in our sanctuary when not.


We provide free/by donation medical emergency service and medicines to the any of the needy animals of Yelapa. We put great emphasis on controlling cat and dog populations by providing free/by donation spay and neuter clinics every 6-8 weeks to the Yelapa community. We currently have approximately 50 plus animals in our sanctuary of all descriptions (that are constantly changing as animals are released into the wild, fostered or adopted.)


This, of course, depends on raising the necessary funds to pay clinic rent, buy animal food, medicine and to pay our consulting veterinarians (who work at extremely reduced rates for surgeries and often consult for free to help our 100% non-profit project).

The Team

Our main volunteers, Jerry Davies (30 year vet tech extraordinaire) and Dana Hutson (passionate animal advocate, rescuer and emergency vet tech trainee) consult with our vets, caretake and run the animal sanctuary, coordinate and administrate the animal clinic, rescue animals and raise funds needed to operate this non-profit project. Sounds like a big job and it is, however, we can’t close our eyes to an animal’s need or suffering. Compassion and love always finds a way💗

Adoption, Foster or Volunteer

If you would like to adopt an animal, are available to foster or would like to come and volunteer with


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